Polson Park

The first event of the weekend!  Registration and waiver signing will precede this event.  This is the quarter final round, with only one event length option.

Seeding for the heats is based on the highly scientific Organizer’s Subjective Ranking scheme taking into account previous head to head results, Attackpoint rankings, and overseas orienteering experience, all to maximize competition in the finals.


Registration – Saturday morning, exact time TBD

Heat Starts – Saturday morning, exact time TBD (after registration!)

Map Details:

  • Scale – 1:4000
  • Contours – 2.5m
  • Mapped – David Bakker (2017, Updated Spring 2019)
  • Map Standard – ISSOM2007
  • Shoe Recommendation – Trail Runners
  • Terrain Description – Mostly park terrain with a portion of paved urban

Non-Updated Map Sample: